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llumar safety film

We have been running our business in OKC since 1967 and we know firsthand, it can be tough. The challenges can be constant and we always have a lot on our plate. So when it comes to security and safety solutions, most likely, you are looking for something simple and affordable. Security window film is the answer! It helps with your biggest security threat, your windows. In addition, the installation process is seamless and fast.

How Security Window Film Increases Safety in OKC Commercial Spaces

Security window film is a substitute for tempered glass. If your window should break, the film will keep glass shards safely adhered to the film. This is paired within adhesive attachment system that attaches the film to the frame.

Here is What Else It Does…..

safety and security window tinting oklahoma cityWindows treated with safety window film will break but the tiny shards of glass will stay stuck to the film. This means the intruder will need to work long and hard using multiple blows to penetrate the glass. The intruder will need to work very hard to get in. Since smash and grabs are crimes of convenience, the result is usually the thief will just move on.

Security Window Film Offers UV Protection

While security film is a great way to keep out intruders, it also blocks out 99.9% of harmful UV rays. This protects those in your business from skin cancer, eye disease and headaches. This means safety/security film makes your Oklahoma City business an all around safer place for both your employees and your customers.

safety and security window tinting oklahoma cityFor more information on safety and security window film for your Oklahoma City business, contact us today!