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Window tinting has become an insanely popular and important part of Cooper’s business over the past couple of decades. Many of our customers come in for window tint JUST to change the appearance of their vehicle. But when we tell them all the things a high quality window film can do for them and their vehicle, they are often totally blown away. Here are 7 reasons for why we STRONGLY suggest that you get your windows tinted.


Window tint will decrease the amount of heat that is able to get inside your vehicle. Films we use from FormulaOne and LLumar can block up to 97% of the infrared heat (which is the heat you actually feel) from getting inside your vehicle. These products will drastically decrease the time your AC system has to work to cool down your vehicle. A sweet byproduct of this is increasing the lifespan of your AC system from it working less!


As stated above, reducing the interior heat can drastically reduce the use of your cars AC system, providing you energy savings – mainly better gas mileage, resulting in a savings at the gas pump! Who wouldn’t want that?!


Reduce the fading of the interior of your vehicle! All of the window films that we use block at least 99% of Ultraviolet Rays, and some block more than 99% of UV Rays. UV rays are what fades out your carpet, seats, door panels, dashboards, wood trim, and other interior components. Reducing the fading of these components increases their life, as well as keeps the interior of your vehicle in better shape, giving you a higher resell value later!


Reduce risks to your health while driving! Exposure to the sun is known to cause potential health risks to the eyes and skin. By blocking 99% of UV Rays, window film acts as a “sunscreen”, shielding you and your family from harmful sun exposure while driving – something you risk every single day.


All of the films we use offer glare reduction, some offering as much as 95% glare reduction. Glares while driving can totally blind your vision and create a seriously dangerous situation. Don’t risk a serious accident due to glares.


Window film can increase the security and safety of your vehicle. In an accident, windows without film can shatter into thousands of tiny shards. Window film can act to hold the glass together in the event of an accident. It can also slow a thief down who is trying to shatter a window to break in.


Window film subjectively improves appearance! We have films and shades to satisfy any needs or desires! If you want something legally dark for privacy, we can do it! If you don’t want to change the appearance but want to gain the benefits of everything listed above, we also have a film for you!

2017 marks 50 YEARS that Cooper Tint & Electronics has been proudly serving Oklahoma. All of our installers have years of experience and training that is unbeatable. We guarantee the best prices for films, and we will match if you find the same film else where cheaper. We are also one of LLumar's Select Pro Dealers, meaning that you are choosing an unparalleled shopping and installation experience, all backed by the industry's best LIFETIME WARRANTY! Don't settle when you can have the best!

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