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car window tintingWe love our Oklahoma Summer Days! Summer means going to the lake, the pool, family vacations and warm sunny days. Unfortunately, the Oklahoma heat can sometimes grow to be a little bit more than is comfortable. This becomes an even bigger problem when you need to park the car and leave it to sit for a few hours in the sun. As the sun beats down and shines into your car, the glass of your windows creates a greenhouse effect. When the time comes for you to get back into your car, the interior temperatures can be well over 100 degrees. This makes for a miserable, and even dangerous ride while you are waiting for things to cool down. Automotive window tint from Jackie Cooper Tint & Electronics is a great way to combat this problem and make your drives much more comfortable.

Reject UV Rays

The primary benefit of tinting your car in the warmer weather is the ability to minimize the effect of direct sunlight on your car’s internal temperature. The tint acts as a barrier which reflects a greater percentage of the sun’s UV rays. This means less heat gets inside your car. It does not serve as a complete barrier, however, it rejects a great percentage of the heat which makes your car’s interior much cooler. The tint also blocks out those harmful UV rays which fades and cracks your car’s interior.

Different Shades for Different Drivers

window tint for carMany people don’t realize we carry several choices of shades (or percentages) of tints for you to choose from. Tints are available from very dark (limo tint) to only a very slight tint. All of these tints offer some degree of protection against the sun. These options ensure you can match your own personal style as well as stay within the state’s tint laws.

Window tint makes your car look great while keeping you cool. It is a win-win situation no matter how you look at it! If you are looking for a way to update your cool and stay cool this summer – window tint is the answer!