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It is hard to imagine how great an audio upgrade would be in your vehicle without being able to hear it. Let me cover a few benefits of an audio upgrade to help you better understand just how much of a difference it can make in your ride. Simply adding new aftermarket speakers while upgrading the stereo system will make a huge difference!

If you are thinking about upgrading your car audio, there are a few things to keep in mind. The first thing our experts start with is discovering the weakest part of your system to formulate a plan for the upgrade. Do you not have enough volume? Do you have a lack of bass?

Start with better speakers!

This may seem intimidating, there are many things to consider…brand, size, materials, price…the list goes on and on. Our experts will help you choose the right speaker size to fit your car. If you currently have 6.5’ speakers, it is a good idea to replace with 6.5” speakers. It is also important to stay with your current speaker style. Is your current speaker a component or coaxial? It is best to keep things consistent during an audio upgrade. Many newer cars have component style speakers that have outboard tweeters that are separate from the accompanying mid-bass drivers. The other style commonly seen is a coaxial-style speakers have the tweeters built into the mid-bass drivers for a one package solution.  The next thing to decide is if you want a “2-way” or “3-way” speaker. This describes the two or three drivers that make up each speaker.

Add Dynamat for great sound!

car audio upgrade okc

To help isolate the music inside your car and keep everything else outside, we like to recommend sound deadening your car with a product called Dynamat. Dynamat is sound insulating material used inside car doors between new speakers and the sheet metal. Adding Dynamat keeps more of your music inside your car for you to hear and less outside for others.

Ready to upgrade your car audio?

There are so many options when it comes to choosing the right car audio upgrade for you. Come by and let us help you with your upgrade. We are the experts and have been doing audio upgrades for over 40 years. We will ask you what kind of music you like, what are your favorite artists and how do you like your music to sound. From there, we will help you make your ride sound amazing!