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window tint for winterMany people know the benefits of tinting their car during the summer. The sun’s rays can be harmful to you and your family and it fades your car’s interior. Not to mention, the sun is HOT!

However, not everyone thinks about all the benefits of tinting your car during the winter.

Fuel Savings

We all know that window tint keeps the sun’s rays out of your car, keeping your car cool in the summer. But the tint works in the opposite way in the winter – it helps to keep more heat in. As a result of this, you can turn down your heat a bit and save some gas. Over the colder winter months, these daily fuel savings can add up!


When there is snow and ice on the ground, visibility while you drive is very important.  The sun can reflect off the snow and cause a horrible glare while you are driving. You probably didn’t realize that window tint can actually enhance your visibility on sunny winter days. Window tint reduces this glare and help you see the road much better.

Theft Prevention

With Christmas season approaching, you will most likely do some shopping and have some valuables in your car. These items can be a target for potential thieves. By tinting your windows, it’s much harder to see inside your car. Your vehicle becomes less of a target!

Interior Fade Prevention

The sun’s harmful UV rays can fade your interior anytime of the year. Adding window tint to your car protects your interior as it blocks out 99% of those harmful UV rays.

Window Tint Discounts

You may be able to save some money by opting to have those windows tinted during the “off season”. Window tinting this time of year is in lower demand which many times means slightly lower prices.

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