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New cars these days all seem to come standard with Bluetooth. It makes it so easy for drivers to easily stream music, listen to podcasts and make phone calls all hands free. But what if you don’t have a new car?

We see it all the time; most people will replace their phones at a much faster pace than their cars. As a result, it’s pretty common for a phone to support a technology such as Bluetooth and your car doesn’t. We can add Bluetooth to your car and it’s much easier and affordable than you may think.

We offer universal Bluetooth kits that work in just about any vehicle. Some are very simple, stand alone devices with a small speaker and microphone that can clip to your visor or even mount on the dash. These don’t interface with the car stereo so you can move them from one vehicle to another. Many customers really like this easy Bluetooth option.

We also have vehicle specific Bluetooth adapters that interface to the car’s factory stereo. This is a great option when you want to keep your factory radio but you want a Bluetooth system that fully integrates into your car stereo for hands free everything! These are great for music streaming too.

If a new car stereo that includes Bluetooth is what you are looking for, we also have that covered. Many of these options allow you to control your smartphone functions and music streaming from your stereo.

Get the best Bluetooth car adapter. Visit Jackie Cooper Tint & Electronics today!