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heated seats system

Few things are more uncomfortable than getting into a cold car in the winter and sitting on freezing seats. Most new cars come with heated seats but for drivers whose cars don’t have existing heated seats…we have a solution!

Jackie Cooper Tint & Electronics can install heated seat systems in just about every car on the road. New car? Used car? Leather? Vinyl? Cloth? Yes, we can do them all.

What are heated seats?

heated seats okc

Heated Seats are not much more complex that the standard heating pad. A heating coil is placed below the seat cushion and electricity passes through it. Heated seats have a long strip of metal that runs in the seat. The metal is pumped with electricity which makes them warm up. A thermostat regulates the temperature. Installation of heated seats is a tedious and difficult process. It should be left to professionals due to safety. Our installers at Jackie Cooper Tint & Electronics have many years of experience in the installation of heated seats so you can trust our experts. You can have peace of mind that the install will be done right! All of the wiring and heating element controller are hidden below the seat so it makes for a very clean and professional install.

Heated Seats, Seat Heaters, Bun Warmers…whatever you want to call them, if you are sick and tired of freezing your booty off every time you get in the car this winter, we have got you covered.

Call us today to learn more and schedule an install!