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Remote Start in cold weather is a must in my book!  There are always certain features on your vehicle that are nonnegotiable….heated seats and air conditioning are a couple of features that come to mind right away. Remote Start Engine should also be on your list as well. Remote Start allows you to start your car’s engine from inside your home, office or other location within range of your key fob.

Being able to warm up your car during a cold Oklahoma winter is a very nice thing!

What is a Remote Start?

Remote start is a function of your car’s key fob. The feature allows you to start the engine from outside the vehicle, providing the fob is within operating range.  This not only starts the engine but engages the vehicle’s climate control. You are able to warm up the car when it is cold outside or cool the interior down on a hot summer day.  You can even engage the remote starter from your smartphone.

How does a Remote Start Work?

Installation is required for a remote start. A control module or receiver is required to capture and translate the fob’s signal. It requires proper wiring into the vehicle’s ignition and starter mechanisms. Remote Start systems operate over the same radio frequencies as your fob’s remote lock/unlock function.

You can truly appreciate remote car starting if you have ever entered your vehicle on a cold, frigid morning and had to drive several miles before the heater finally kicked in. Other benefits of a remote starter include:

  • A heated cabin brings windshield and window glass heating, making snow and ice removal easier
  • You never feel the need to leave your car running with the keys inside, inviting theft
  • Driving a car with a cold engine adds extra wear and tear to engine components

We have several options for remote starters starting at $449. Give us a call today to learn more and schedule you installation today!

Remote Start and Alarm