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What comes to mind when you hear the word “ceramic”? Most likely, you think of ceramic tile or ceramic pottery. At Jackie Cooper Tint & Electronics, when we talk about ceramic, we are referring to today’s advanced ceramic window tint for your vehicle. Advanced ceramics is a very important factor in the latest technology of window film.


The benefits of a ceramic window tint are numerous but one of the most important to most of our customers is the high heat resistance that helps keep your car much cooler. Ceramic window film just provides outstanding heat rejection!

ceramic carMost customers really love ceramic because there are no metal particles in ceramic film, therefore, never any signal interference with any electronics in their vehicle. You don’t have to worry about any interference with your keyless entry, radar detector, mobile devices or any other radio frequency technology you rely on.

Ceramic window film comes in a range of colors from dark to clear so no matter what your preference is, you have options! Ceramic window film also offers more than 99% UV ray protection so you are protected from the harmful effects of the sun while you are in your car. The scratch resistant coating of ceramic film helps protect against any kind of damage as well.

Come check out our great showroom with very informative displays and learn more about the advanced technology of ceramic window film for your car, truck or SUV!