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A car remote starter is not just something you use in the winter months, it is crucial during these hot Oklahoma months and days as well. During the summer heat, you can start your car from inside your office or home and it will be nice and cool inside upon your arrival.  Doesn’t that sound amazing?!

car remote start near me

Here are a few reasons why you need a remote starter this summer from Jackie Cooper Tint & Electronics.

Cool down your car – Starting your engine remotely 5-10 minutes before you enter your car will give you’re A/C system a chance to cool down.

Decrease air pressure – Another reason why the temperature inside your car feels so hot is because of the increased air pressure. Turning on your engine will allow the air to circulate early.

car remote starter

Black leather seats – In direct sunlight, dark leather seats quickly turn into a burn risk. The best protection is a remote starter. In the hot summer months, you can cool down your vehicle to avoid burning yourself on hot seats, seatbelt and steering wheel.

Give us a call today to learn about a remote car starter for your vehicle. We have the top installers and carry the best products. Learn more by giving us a call!