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BMW1We have been lucky enough to serve our customers in OKC since 1967. We have been excelling at automotive window tint for over 30 years – we are really pretty good at it! Having been in the business for that many years, we receive a lot of questions about Automotive Window Tinting and one of the most common questions is “Does auto window tint really help to reduce heat inside my car?”

Same answer every time – YES!

Heat rejection and reduction is one of the main advantages of automotive window tint. The main purpose of window film is to reject maximum amount of thermal rays from the sun. Our car windows are designed to provide you with great views while you drive. However, it also allows maximum amount of solar energy inside your car as well. Because window tint is designed to filter wavelengths from the sun that generate heat, it naturally keeps your car cooling on hot Oklahoma days.

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How much heat can be blocked?

The answer to this question depends on the shade and type of film…not all films are the same. Different film and different shades provide different percentages of heat rejection.  The average tint can provide close to 50% heat rejection while premium tint can offer close to 90% heat rejection.