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The automotive window tint services from Jackie Cooper Tint & Electronics will make your vehicle even more stylish and comfortable to ride. Whatever the brand of car you drive, our window tints complemented with our superb installation and customer service will ensure your vehicle will last longer than it’s supposed to.

Don’t underestimate the importance of car window tint. Below are just some of their many advantages:

  • Better driving because they shield your eyes from the sun and prevent glare from any source of extreme light
  • Protects your privacy and keeps anything inside the car in low profile
  • Blocks as much as 90% of the sun’s UV rays, which can damage your upholstery quickly
  • The UV rays can also damage your skin, accelerate aging and cause skin cancer, and thus, a car window tint is beneficial for staying healthy especially when you’re always on the road
  • Keeps you cool when driving in summer months, as window tint can help reduce heat in the interiors as much as 60%
  • Enhanced safety and protection, as car tint makes the windows more resistant to shattering upon impact with an object or in an accident

Entrust the automotive window tint installation only to professionals

Jackie Cooper Tint & Electronics is dedicated to delivering the top brands and top notch service for all your car installation needs. We have serviced more than 25,000 cars in OKC and have 20 years of experience in the car window tint installation. Get in touch with us at once!

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