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Look no further for professional installers of window tint for Corvette, as Jackie Cooper Tint & Electronics is here! We’re an Oklahoma-based company dedicated to providing top-notch customer service using high-quality products. You can count on us in providing quality installations of Corvette window tint and other car brands.

If you love your Corvette, having window tint is an excellent investment that will make your vehicle last longer. It can also help keep your car’s resale value from dwindling by protecting your upholstery from the damaging effects of the sun’s UV rays.

Here are more reasons to install car window tint:

  • Enhances privacy and safety
  • Deters prying eyes and potential theft
  • Strengthens windows
  • Reduces interior temperature
  • Protects driver’s eyes from sunlight and bright lights
  • Makes your Corvette look more polished and stylish

But don’t just choose any window tint installer or go the DIY route! Car window tint installations are best left to the professionals for the following reasons:

  • Proper installation done right the first time
  • Choosing the right window tint options in relation to applicable state laws
  • Product guarantees are only often applicable when installations are made by professionals
  • Greater cost savings compared to the DIY route

Why choose Jackie Cooper for Corvette window tint?

  • quality window tint products
  • Superb installation service
  • 20+ years of experience in window tint installations
  • Experienced in servicing more than 25,000 vehicles in OKC
  • Works on other car brands as well
  • Also provides other automotive services
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