When you’re looking for professional installers of window tint for Lexus vehicles, contact us here at Jackie Cooper Tint & Electronics and look no further! We’re a car service company based in Oklahoma City, dedicated to providing our clients with superb service using top-notch products. You can depend on us in providing quality installations of Lexus window tint on top of our many car customization services.

Protect your Lexus vehicle by investing in quality window tint products installed by well-experienced professionals. The advantages of these products include:

  • Enhances privacy and maintains a low profile for anyone inside
  • Deters prying eyes and potential break-ins
  • Keeps windows from shattering upon impact
  • Maintains a low car interior temperature for a cooler ride
  • Protects driver’s eyes from direct sunlight and bright lights
  • Protects driver and passengers from harmful UV light

While you might think that DIY window tint installations will save you money, it can be more expensive especially when you’re not used to doing them. Make sure to entrust your window tinting needs to the professionals to enjoy the following advantages:

  • Greater cost savings compared to DIY
  • Installations within the bounds of applicable car window tinting laws
  • Proper installation techniques that make tinting products last long
  • Product guarantees, which are often honored only if the installation was done by professionals

Count on Jackie Cooper for your Lexus window tint requirements

You’ll never go wrong when you choose us

  • Dedicated to providing superb installation service and quality window tint products
  • With over 20 years of experience in window tint installations
  • Has serviced more than 25,000 vehicles in OKC
  • Window tint services available for all car brands also
  • Provides other car installation and customization services
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