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Today’s GPS tracking technology has become a huge part of our modern life and GPS tracking from US Fleet is a very popular item for our company and our customers. You are very likely to encounter GPS technology in many aspects of your life but do you really understand it?

gps 2GPS tracking refers to Global Positioning System. It entails a network of 24 satellites in orbit as well as devices on the ground that can establish a person or object (vehicle) here on Earth with extreme accuracy. GPS tracking has actually been around for quite a long time and is used today for many things including use in the military to locating your kids in the neighborhood. The primary uses for fleet gps trackers are military, search & rescue, vehicle tracking and recreational use.

GPS tracking also does much more than provide location. You get full control and full access from anywhere. You can get alert notifications such as when your next oil change is due. There are many other alerts available such as speed alerts, ignition alerts, GeoFence alerts and all maintenance alerts.

Live traffic conditions is another great benefit which saves you time and money.  Stay ahead of weather conditions with live weather radar. The question really is what doesn’t GPS tracking do for me? We also offer hidden GPS trackers for your car as well.

gps 1

Stop by anytime to learn more and visit with one of our experts. We love helping our great customers and simplifying their lives.