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We have been in the tracking business for many years. In fact, we have been partnering with US Fleet Tracking for as long as I can remember, probably around 12 years. We were one of the very first partnerships US Fleet Tracker had in the OKC area. Over the years, this partnership has helped businesses learn what makes fleet tracking a necessity for their business. It has also given peace of mind to many customers as they are able to keep track of their loved ones.

us fleet

Fleet tracking allows managers and business tools to manage all of their vehicles, trailers or whatever they would like to keep track of. Business indeed improves because fleet tracking boosts daily productivity. GPS Trackers are not only for businesses but they are great for anyone. We have many customers who want to keep track of their teenage drivers, their elderly parents and yes, some want to keep track of their spouse….I won’t go into the stories we have heard!

So how does a GPS tracker work?

It is simpler and much more affordable than you might think. A GPS tracker device uses satellite signals to determine and report location data. The tracker would need to be installed in a vehicle or on a piece of equipment (that’s where our great installers come into play). The device collects information about locations and times from GPS signals. You can also gather additional information about the driver such as speed and driver behavior. It’s pretty incredible! The devices can be installed in such a way where they are even hidden in the car or truck if desirable. We love the US Fleet Tracker and consider it to be the best GPS tracker for any car or truck.

us fleet2After the GPS receives the information, it is delivered to you via the internet on your computer or mobile device. US Fleet Tracker has system features that allow you to receive live, real time, information including live traffic and weather. You can be alerted as to any maintenance issues including oil changes and tire rotations. You will have the opportunity to playback any activity for up to 90 days.

Call us today to learn more about GPS tracking and why it would be great for you and your business.