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heat rejection window film okc

Summers in Oklahoma can be downright HOT! Temperatures can get over 100 degrees in Oklahoma in July and August. Even air conditioned homes can become really uncomfortable in those types of temperatures.

The good news is, Jackie Cooper Tint & Electronics can install heat rejection film, also known as solar control film in your home and business. By installing this type of window film, you can keep the scorching heat at bay and also enjoy a lower energy bill which is always a great thing!

How Does Heat Rejection Film Work?

Heat rejection film is a type of window film that is applied to homes and commercial buildings. Its primary purpose is to reduce the amount of infrared heat that is transferred through windows into the building’s interior. This film still allows beautiful, natural sunlight in while blocking out the heat.

Is It Worth the Investment?

heat rejection window film oklahoma

If you get tired of the heat in Oklahoma in the summer time, heat rejection film is definitely something you should consider. It is one of the most effective ways to reduce solar heat gain and does not require existing glass to be replaced. As stated earlier, heat rejection/solar control film lowers you’re A/C costs as well. When your space is cooler, you and your friends, family, and customers will feel more comfortable, happier and more productive.

Beat the Hot Oklahoma Summers with Window Film!

Get your home, office or commercial building ready for summer in Oklahoma with heat rejection film! Call today to schedule your free quote (405) 848-8656!