January 2020 Install of the Month

I think we can all agree that the safety and security of children and staff in schools is a top priority. Unfortunately, active shooter events are on the rise. Even with the highest quality lock or alarm system, a building remains penetrable if the windows can be easily broken. Good news….safety and security film for schools! Jackie Cooper Tint & Electronics is committed to helping schools create a safer learning environment for all.

We recently completed another install of safety and security film in a local private school in OKC. The administration of this school had additional safety and security as a top priority. This school is now much better protected and the staff, students and parents are feeling great about this extra layer of security. This school chose a Llumar, 13 MIL film with the anchoring system which allows for greater security. The film is virtually clear and no one is even aware it has been installed. Therefore, the appearance remains the same but the safety and security has now been taken to a much higher level.

Llumar Security films are designed to mitigate hazards from shattered glass due to natural or human causes. The films have been tested under a variety of situations to help protect people from flying glass shards and other related injuries. Glass on windows and doors can be a vulnerable entry point into a building. Security window film holds broken glass together hindering anyone trying to break and enter through a broken door or window.
Safety and security film helps gain extra response time! Slowing down an intruder and helping to deter unwanted individuals from entering your building helps response teams get to the scene to restrain unwanted visitors and allows your school staff more time to activate safety protocols.

Unlike many security upgrades, safety and security window film can be installed quickly over existing glass and is a very quick and cost effective solution to increased safety in schools. This install only took 2 days and the administration couldn’t be happier with the end result!