Great Marine Audio upgrade just in time for boat season in Oklahoma!
We upgraded the audio system on this beautiful 2022 Cobalt R8 Surf

We upgraded the original equipment audio system.

We replaced the original Fusion radio with upgraded Fusion radio with additional zone controls for tower speaker level control via radio, transom remote and original cockpit screens. We added 1 pair of Wetsounds Rev10 tower pods with LED lighting and swivel clamps. We tied LED lighting to the original equipment lighting for control via factory control screens.

We also modified the original amplifier rack that had 4 OEM amplifiers to allow addition of WETSOUNDS Sinster SDX4 4 channel amplifier. We bridged 2 channel for 685 watts per tower pod. Lastly, we Fully integrated with OEM audio system for lighting and remote and Pilot display control.

This beautiful boat now has beautiful sound to match!