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K40LogoWe love to sell K40 Radar Detectors to our customers looking for a high performance automotive radar detectors…we consider them top of the line! All of the K40 products are backed by the world’s first and best Ticket-Free Guarantee.  They believe in the performance of their products so much they guarantee you will never get a speeding ticket when one of their K40 products is used. If you do, they will pay for it, no questions asked. Now that is pretty cool!

Just this month, K40 introduced the Platinum100 Series portable radar & laser detectors. The Platinum100 is designed to be the best, customizable speeding ticket defense available with over 40 years of cutting edge product focus. It has long range radar receiver technology, is more sensitive, more range and allows more customizable options. This new receiver assists drivers when it counts by offering 40% greater sensitivity and range on all police radar bands. Drivers will also notice more filtration options and better alert preferences which will give advanced warnings and fewer false alerts.

K40 not only offers portable products but custom installed, long range, 360 degree detection as well. The K40 Platinum 360 is a great product. We specialize in complete radar detector installation and have many years of experience. Our installers are certified and trained and the best in the business.

Ticket Free Solutions, K40 Confidence and Superb Installation!