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Stealthbox Jl AudioWe love the month of October as it seems car audio sound is on people’s minds. It is getting cooler outside, darker earlier, and our customers want to hear something that actually SOUNDS really good while they are driving around.

Here is the good news; in most cases small, minor upgrades in your current factory system can make major differences in sound!

Most vehicles these days come with pretty good factory systems, functionally and aesthetically. The industry has really improved in this area over the years. The biggest complaint we have from our customers is they like their factory system BUT…..they want more bass, they want cleaner sound, or they want more volume. We can help!

If you’re looking for more bass, simply adding an amp and subwoofer is the perfect solution. This upgrade will give you the most change in your car audio sound. The good news is, this simple upgrade is reasonably priced and provides excellent improvement without breaking the bank. The JL Audio Stealthbox is the perfect solution for many vehicles. Custom-fit, vehicle specific options made to blend well with your interior, completely hidden away.

Another option that will give a system a cleaner sound is an upgrade to better speakers. The Focal Integration line of speakers is a great option when looking to replace factory speakers because they work well on factory radio power and have a wide selection of sizes to fit in the original locations.

car audioAmplifying the full audio system will make the most dramatic change in your car’s sound. While you can merely amplify the existing speakers for more volume, the best solution is amplifying in conjunction with speaker replacement and a subwoofer. Some vehicles require specialized parts to get the best results when amplifying factory systems. However, we have the experience and knowledge for the perfect solution for your car.

People in Oklahoma City have been coming to Jackie Cooper Electronics for their mobile sound needs for a very long time. We are THE car stereo store in the state. 

Interested in custom car audio installation, something very personal and one of a kind…we can help with that too. Our next blog will dive into the great market of custom car stereo design, stay tuned!