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escort max 360cSo we are FINALLY getting closer to spring and some warmer days. This means we are getting closer to taking some fun drives out of town or just cruising down I-35 with the windows down and the radio up….you know the drill.  This also means it is time to think about an investment in that ride that will make it much more enjoyable. That something is a radar detector from Jackie Cooper Electronics. It is important to make sure you have a good and reliable radar detector such as a K40 or Escort.


When making your radar detector purchase, performance is always a top priority and customers always want ease of use as well. We love the K40 and Escort brands as they both have great reputations and very solid performances. You can go either portable or remote when choosing your radar detectors.

k40 360 diPortable units offer flexibility and they are small in size. Remote models will offer you increased performance and in some cases, can be installed and hidden within your vehicle. Escort has many installed detectors that are very custom and discreet and available at any price point. These detectors are a great solution to keeping you alert no matter what may be on the road. Escort models offer very advanced radar detection, a patented false alert filter technology, real time notification and an industry leading range. Escort also offers a live App…. Yes, there is an App for that!


K40LogoK40 Electronics also offers a great line of radar detectors with the K40 RL 360di having the most advanced built in police radar detectors and laser jammer system in the world. K40 Electronics also offers the Drive ticket-free guarantee. They believe in their products so much, they offer to pay any speeding ticket you get the first 12 months of ownership, no that is cool!

We would love to help you discover and design the system that fits you, your driving style and budget! We offer the best pricing, most experienced radar detector installation and most knowledgeable sales staff.