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viper remote start

One of the most popular gifts people love to give for Christmas in Oklahoma is a car remote starter. We get so many calls on remote starters this time of year.  Many of our customers want to know exactly how car remote starters work.

What is a Remote Starter?

A remote starter consists of several pieces of hardware that make it possible for you to safely turn your engine off and on at the push of a button. Depending on the hardware and the remote, you can start your vehicle from a football field away! In short, remote starters simulate the engine starting sequence you initiate when you turn on the car with your key. The difference is a remote starter does this without a physical key in the ignition. This is made possible when the control module is wired into your ignition switch and other starter mechanisms. Once the system is installed, you can send signals to the control module using your remote transmitter.

Once your remote starter is installed, it receives commands from your aftermarket remote transmitter via unique radio frequencies. These signals tell the control module to lock, unlock, start and much more!

The remote you use to control your system can impact the distance from which you can send vehicle commands. Some remotes send what we call 2 way commands while others are only capable of 1 way commands.

Who Needs a Remote Car Starter?

YOU! A remote car starter is great for anyone: Especially if you live somewhere where it gets cold in the winter months and really hot in the summer. A remote starter can transform your driving experience. This is because remote starters allow you to warm up or cool down your vehicle before you get in. It will be the perfect temperature inside upon your arrival. Imagine on a cold, icy day in Oklahoma, if you have a remote starter, you can melt the snow off of your vehicle without having to get out in the cold.