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jackie cooper - llumar security film

We have been talking a lot to our customers and to the community about solar window film and the great benefits; reducing heat and glare, lowering energy bill, protecting your floors and furnishings from fading. Window film can also bring another benefit as well…protection!  Security window film can protect your home or business. Our customers tend to think of protecting their home or business with alarm systems and cameras. These things are great but can be costly. Fortunately, there are also less expensive options when it comes to safeguarding your home, business, schools and churches – Security Window Film from Llumar!

jackie cooper - security film 1Safety and security film is barely noticeable and can help reduce the effects of break-ins, vandalism, accidents and even the strong winds Oklahoma weather can bring. Security film is designed to strengthen and help protect vulnerable windows and doors while preserving their exterior appearance. Llumar has engineered this film for strength, with heavy-duty polyester that is bonded to surfaces using strong adhesives and makes the glass up to 40X harder to break! Once installed, this film shields against unwanted surprises. Most intruders won’t try this hard to break in, they will move on to an easier target.

Our installers have been specifically certified and trained to install security film so you can have peace of mind the best installers in the state are on the job. We have recently installed security film on local churches, schools, homes and retail store fronts. Security film can not only save property, but can even save lives!

jackie cooper - security film 2There are many benefits to security film…even though it is completely clear, it offers 99% UV protection. In addition, even if the glass does break, it stays together and sticks to the film so the glass takes on the properties of a laminated safety glass.

At Jackie Cooper Tint & Electronics, we ALWAYS offer free estimates so please give us a call and let us help you protect what is important.