Viper Remote Starts starting at $249!

Viper Remote Start Systems and Car Alarms – Security and Convenience for Your Modern Lifestyle.

Gone are the days when you need to be physically inside your car to start the engine. Viper car remote start systems enable you to start your vehicle and run for some time to either warm up in the winter or cool off in the summer. Viper Remote Starts Systems and Car Alarms are the world’s bestselling vehicle security and remote start systems. Viper uses cutting-edge technology to make sure you are in control, providing range and features you can always count on, from anywhere!


  • Cool or Warm your Car Interior for a Comfortable Ride

  • Good for Your Vehicle’s Engine

  • Ensure Safety & Promote Higher Security

  • Control Your Vehicle Using your Smartphone

  • Boost Your Car’s Resale Value

  • Locate Your Vehicle in a Crowded Area Using Your Smartphone

Remote Start Systems


Viper Basic Remote Start System

  • 2 Remotes
  • 1200 Foot Range
  • Lock/Unlock/Remote Start
  • Includes Interface and Installation
  • $399

Viper Advanced Remote Start System

  • Use 3x lock with factory remote (if applicable)
  • Smartphone operation (via Bluetooth)
  • Includes Interface and Installation
  • Upgradable, can upgrade with any of the following options
  • $399

Viper SmartStart

  • Use Smartphone to lock/unlock and start your car
  • Replaces Bluetooth-based Smartstart on Advanced Remote Start
  • Unlimited range
  • Fast $G communications
  • 2-way confirmations from Advanced Remote Start (with 2-way airtime plan)
  • GPS locating/tracking/geofencing/speed notifications (with GPS plan)
  • Can be used with basic or Advanced Remote Start Systems
  • $199


1-Way Viper Remote Upgrade

  • 2, one way remotes
  • Lock/unlock and remotely start car
  • Antenna
  • 2000 foot range
  • Add $99

2-Way Viper Remote Upgrade

  • 1, two way LED remote with confirmations
  • 1, one way remote
  • 2 way remote is rechargeable
  • Lock/unlock and remotely start car
  • Visual and audible confirmations
  • 2000 foot range
  • Add $149

2-Way Viper LCD Remote Upgrade

  • 1, two way LCD remote with display
  • 1, one way remote
  • 2 way remote is rechargeable
  • Lock/unlock and remotely start car
  • Visual and audible confirmations
  • Visual status notifications for lock/unlock/remote start/run time/temperature
  • Antenna
  • 2000 foot range
  • Add $199

Security System Upgrade

Security System Upgrade

  • Adds alarm functions to Advanced Remote Start
  • Use with factory remote or add on remotes
  • Siren
  • Dual stage impact sensor
  • Tilt sensor
  • Add $99 (installed)

Remote Start and Security

Convenience is what we strive for and nothing is quite as convenient as a remote start. A car remote start is very simple to use and has many benefits! A Viper remote start, from Jackie Cooper Tint & Electronics, allows you to warm or cool your vehicle, defrost your windows or even leave your car running on quick stops. We can install a remote car starter on most vehicles, even older models.

We have a wide selection of remote car starters that range from a simple starter with keyless entry to starters with advanced security systems with 2 way communication to give you information about your vehicle in real time. The cost of a remote start is minimal compared to the many benefits. Trust the second biggest investment you have, your car, to the remote start experts in Oklahoma City! Let our experts help you choose the model right for you and our highly trained technicians install it correctly the first time!

Benefits of a Remote Car Starter


Keep your car warm or cool remotely, even with your Smartphone (with SmartStart).

Warm Up Your Engine

It’s always better to drive with an engine that has been warming.


Remote car starters make it easier to defrost and remove ice and snow from windows.

Security Features

Several models incorporate car security as well as the remote start feature.

Re-Sell Value

Having a remote car starter greatly increases the value of your vehicle.

No Lock Out

Never worry about locking your keys in your car again (with SmartStart).