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The recent incident in Nashville has schools across our state concerned about campus safety and security. It seems school violence in the U.S. is on the rise in the last few years. Schools are taking these matters very seriously and many across our state are turning to security window film as a solution.

Using Security Film in Oklahoma Schools

Many schools across the OKC Metro and the state have certainly had added security on their minds. Many have installed additional equipment such as metal detectors and invested in additional security staff on campus. These are great measures but they may not stop or delay an intruder. Often, these individuals will try to gain access by breaking or shooting out a window or glass door.

Adding safety/security window film to Oklahoma schools can prevent or delay forced intrusion and it can also protect students and staff from glass shrapnel.

Explore Security Window Film Options

There are several options of safety/security films available on the market for school settings. They come in different thicknesses and some are tinted so you also receive heat rejection and glare reduction benefits. Give us a call today to learn more. We would love to come to our school campus and offer solutions to add additional security to your school.

Security Window Film