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We get asked this question a lot….. We have many customers calling us complaining about the heat and glare coming in through their south facing window. This can indeed be a big problem for people this time of year.  Many people don’t realize the sun is much lower in the winter than it is during the summer months. Because the sun appears low in the southern sky during the winter, glare and heat can be big problems for customers with south facing windows.

We are thrilled to be able to solve this problem for our residential and commercial window film customers! Not only is residential window tinting useful for reducing the amount of glare coming in through your windows without spoiling your view of the outside, but you will also be pleasantly surprised by its impact on your heating bills during the winter months.

Here’s how it works, window film makes it easier for the window to reflect light and the heat that it carries. In winter, this same characteristic ensures that less light can escape through your windows once it is reflected off of the interior of your home.

As a result, having residential window film serves to keep heat both out during summer and in during winter. This is important because its superior insulation reduces both your cooling costs during summer and your heating costs during winter. Although the savings in each month is small, they can add up to impressive figures over the course of years.

Modern window tinting is neither reflective nor does it have to be darkening. We tinted the windows in the showroom here at the store and it made a huge difference. This film is clear, does not change the appearance at all, but blocks out the heat and glare! It has helped with our utility bills as well during the cooler months. Those savings are nice!!

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