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faded flooringHave you ever tried to rearrange your living room only to discover that the wood flooring under a couch, chair or rug is much darker than the rest of the hardwood flooring? Flooring, fabrics, art and furnishings are all extremely vulnerable to fading from harmful UV rays. Ultraviolet (UV) rays are the single largest contributor to the fading of our floors and furnishings. This is a big problem for many people in their homes and businesses.

ceramic window film home

Great news is there is a solution! There is protection for your home and valuables. You could always do replacement windows but this is a very costly option. There are also spray treatment available for wood floors and fabrics but these are temporary and will need reapplying regularlyWindow tint for your home or business is an excellent solution!

neutral solar window film hom

Window tint film for your home or business offers a long lasting solution for your home or business that helps provide 24/7 protection against fading and damage to all of your beautiful things! Fabrics and wood will maintain their original look and leather will be less likely to crack and dry out. Home window tint is a fraction of the cost of replacement windows and doesn’t need the constant reapplication. It allows light to come through which means your view is unchanged but your furnishings and flooring are protected. We even have transparent film which is virtually clear!! No one will even know it is there!

vista harmony solar windowfilm home

Furniture store front love this film as the view is unchanged but the furniture and art in the windows is protected!! Perfect solution! We recently installed clear film on the store front of a furniture store in downtown Norman. They love it as the view is unchanged, no tint to the film, but their inventory is protected!

JCE employee installation project

You have invested a lot into your home or business, don’t let UV light damage that investment!