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led glow services

There are as many different kind of cars out on the road as there are people walking around. Because there are so many vehicles on the road, many people want to customize theirs to stand out from the rest.  Most cars are completely customizable and one of the simplest modifications you can make is the one that will attract the most attention on the road….Lighting!

Installing custom lighting on your vehicle, motorbike, boat or golf cart can be a difficult task without experience. That is why it is important to leave it to the experienced installers at Jackie Cooper Tint & Electronics. Our experienced installers can customize a great look on any budget. LED Glow lighting provides car enthusiast with the most innovative aftermarket automotive LED lighting kits available.

Under the Dash Lights

The boring, standard lighting that floods your floorboard can be upgraded when you open a door or turn on the cabin lights with LEDs.

Cabin Lights

LED strip lights have expanded car owner’s ability for interior decoration beyond simple running lights. You can now upgrade cabin and trunk lights to have full range of dimmable lighting that suits whatever you want it to.

Undercarriage Lights

car led glow

It is always so cool to see a vehicle floating down the road with undercarriage lighting. This can be easily done on most vehicles with our LED Glow undercarriage lighting. Most of the light kits have a remote console or controller which allows you to control the lighting from inside the car’s cabin.

Decorating your car with lights is easy and the options are varied enough to suit any taste and any budget. Let our staff help you design a cool look to help you stand out on the road. Call  (405) 848-8656.