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Residential and Commercial Window Film is Booming! – Summer 2018

By April 15, 2018December 5th, 2022No Comments

This summer has been the usual, great Oklahoma summer…and it has been hot!! The Oklahoma summer heat is always a great time for our type of business as people want to get their car windows tinted so they can be more comfortable in their cars while driving around on a hot Oklahoma day.

Llumar Window

The great news is that Oklahomans are now learning how residential and commercial window film can do the same thing for their home or business. We have been very busy at Jackie Cooper Tint & Electronics installing not only automotive window film that helps customers feel more comfortable in their cars but we have been doing some incredible installation of Llumar’s window film on many homes and businesses around the OKC metro area as well.

A local high school had been having problems with their east facing classrooms getting so hot their students and teachers were miserable. We were able to solve that problem by installing window film that did not change the appearance of the classroom (interior or exterior) but made a HUGE difference in how the classroom felt by blocking out almost 60% of the heat and glare.

A golf course had been having similar problems in their pro shop and dining area and we were able to install this incredible film and provide rooms were employees and guests were very comfortable while not changing the appearance of the windows so the views of the beautiful course were unchanged.

Llumar’s residential and commercial window film comes with a lifetime warranty, cuts down on the heat and glare significantly and the small investment pays for itself in a short time with the savings on energy.

Many happy customers here in OKC thanks to a great product and our awesome installers!!