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Tinted windows and privacy glass are used on automobiles for various purposes. Both will provide privacy and give you a great, sleek look. Below are a few differences.

Privacy glass is known for providing privacy and allowing very little light inside your vehicle. It consists of a glass that is naturally less transparent than other glasses. Privacy glass is placed by the factory that manufactures your car. In most cases, privacy glass is used on a car’s back windows. Usually, it is seen on trucks and SUVs.

Window tint offers a variety of benefits that privacy glass does not. Tinted windows come in a variety of shades and can be made darker than privacy glass. Window tint offers heat rejection, glare reduction and UV protection. Privacy glass does not provide these benefits. Some of our ceramic films block out close to 98% of the infrared heat, the heat you feel. Our film also blocks out 99% of harmful UV rays, which can fade your interior and cause skin cancer.

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Tinting Over Privacy Glass

We have many customers who will bring in their SUV or crew cab truck. The windows in the back are darker (privacy glass), and they think they only need the front two windows tinted to match the rest of the vehicle. We can undoubtedly tint just those front two (2) windows to match, and we do that for many customers. Many times, however, the customer will return and want to put a film over the privacy glass in the back of the vehicle so they can have heat rejection and UV protection throughout their entire vehicle. We put a lighter film over the privacy glass, and a little darker on those front two (2) windows and the whole auto will match and be protected.

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