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If you’re driving around in a truck or SUV produced in the last ten years or so, chances are it’s equipped with factory tinted glass on all windows behind the front doors. We get calls all the time from customers telling us the back half of their SUV or truck has “factory tint” – Many of these customers choose to only have the front windows tinted to match the back because they believe that they are already protected with the “factory tint” on those rear windows.

suvMost people don’t realize this “factory tint” is not tint at all, it is only dyed glass. The dyed glass definitely improves the looks of the vehicle and offers rear passengers some privacy. However, it does very little to help reduce the heat entering through the glass or protect them from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Jackie Cooper Tint & Electronics would like to put an end to the myth of factory tinted glass.  We want to help customers understanding if they only tint those front two windows of their truck or SUV, they do not have full protection throughout their vehicle.

Dyed glass may slightly reduce heat coming into the vehicle but it in no way comes close to the heat rejection and other benefits automotive window tint provides. Llumar and 3M automotive window tint is engineered to perform. Our lifetime warranty film is known for quality, color stability and scratch resistant coating. The benefits of window film on your truck or SUV are numerous and include heat, UV and glare reduction and protection. Our window tint blocks more than 99% of harmful UV rays so you and your passengers are always protected throughout the vehicle. Ceramic film gives you all of these benefits without any signal interference!


So next time someone tells you their new SUV has “factory tint” in the back – shatter the myth with the truth.