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Our customers love to have their cars, truck, or SUV’s window tinted. Automotive window tint provides privacy, heat, and glare reduction as well as just a great look.  However, there are many other benefits of tinting the car windows that you should consider during the Oklahoma winter months as well.

Glare Reduction

One of the many benefits of getting auto window tinting in the winter is that it provides you with better visibility as you are driving. In the winter, especially after a good snow, road visibility is not very good. Light from the sun or headlights can cause a blinding glare. This can make for an unsafe driving situation. If you have window tint on your car, it reduces the glare from the snow and makes it easier to see the road and oncoming cars.


Window tint acts as an insulator and makes your car more comfortable to drive in the cold winter months. Tint provides an extra layer of insulation between your windows and outside. In the summer months, the tint helps reduce the amount of heat that can get into your car. During the colder months, your automotive tint keeps the heat inside your car and prevents the cold air from seeping inside through your windows.

Protects Car Interior

Getting your car’s windows tinted is a simple way to protect the interior of your car. It reflects most of the harmful UV rays from the sun away from your car so your interior will not fade or crack.

Privacy/Keeps out Thieves

Unfortunately, the holiday season sees an increase in burglaries. Thieves will try to steal packages and other valuables out of your car. The tint makes this more difficult. The tint darkens your windows and makes it more difficult to see inside the vehicle. Car window tinting also acts as a security film that makes it harder to break the glass.

Tinting your car windows is an easy way to protect your vehicle during the winter months. It can also make your car ride more comfortable. If you want to get car window tint, the winter months are a perfect time to get them installed. Give us a call to help you learn more about how tint is a great idea right now!

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