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llumar automotive window tint

As you know, summers in Oklahoma can get very hot! This heat can quickly heat up your vehicle. Good thing there is automotive window tint to help!

Llumar automotive window film is scientifically designed and proven to make your vehicle more comfortable, even in Oklahoma’s heat!

Automotive Window Film Reduces Heat Transfer

Hot cars are uncomfortable and can even be dangerous. We offer a wide variety of window film options for your car that are engineered for optimal heat reduction, glare rejection and UV protection.

We offer several lines of Llumar automotive window film in several shades. The different lines will offer different specifications of heat rejection. The Llumar Stratos line offers the maximum infrared heat rejection with rejecting 95% of the heat you feel. All of our films come in several shades, light, medium and dark.

Automotive Window Films Cuts Down on Glare

According to the US Dept. of Transportation, glare from the sun causes more accidents each year than fog, snow and rain combined. Window Film rejects glare therefore making your driving experience more comfortable.

The Llumar film line offers excellent glare reduction with some lines and shades blocking out 94% of the glare.

Make your driving time safer and more comfortable with window film that reduces glare and keeps you focused on the road.

Automotive Tint Blocks UV Rays

Harmful UV light can be very damaging to not only your car’s interior but to you and your skin. UV light can contribute to long term eye damage, skin damage, skin cancer and interior fading of your car.

All of our automotive films provide 99.9% UV rejection across all product variations, virtually eliminating ultraviolet transmission.

Let us help you with all of your automotive window film needs. We have highly trained and very experienced installers and salesman that can help you achieve the look and comfort you want. All of our window film has a lifetime warranty and are guaranteed not to bubble or turn purple or fade.

Give us a call today to schedule your automotive window tint appointment!