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When you are looking for accessories for your truck, don’t forget window tinting. Not only do tinted trucks enhance the overall look of your truck but tinted windows also come with several benefits.

UV Protection

Automative Window Tint

Our window tint blocks out 99% of harmful UV rays. This level of protection benefits you in a variety of ways. This will protect your interior such as your dashboard, upholstery, leather and carpet. It will prevent premature fading which is a very good investment. More importantly, UV ray blockage window tint protects the driver and passengers from the sun’s harmful rays which can damage your skin and even cause skin cancer.

Theft Prevention

Automative Window TintMany thieves look for opportunities. If they see something inside a vehicle, such as a purse or laptop, they may break in the vehicle and take the items. However, window tint on your truck will make it much more difficult to see inside. Window tint will help keep wandering eyes from seeing into your truck.

Temperature Control

Automative Window Tint
Window tint on your truck deflects the solar heat way from the glass to keep your truck’s interior cool and comfortable. This makes for a much more comfortable ride for you and your passengers.

Glare Reduction

Automative Window TintThere is nothing more annoying than fighting a glare on your windshield. Such a glare can put your safety at risk. Tinted truck windows reduce the glare from the sunlight, keeping you safe and focused.


If you don’t like other drivers being nosey and looking into your vehicle. Tinted window are a must! Window tint is a great option to maintain your privacy and keep prying eyes away from your business.

Better Style

One of the first reasons most people want window tint is to add style and personality to their vehicle. Darker windows add class and style to your truck.


If you have been thinking about getting a truck tinted, now is the time. Visit Jackie Cooper Tint & Electronics for all of your window tint needs.