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We have many customers who purchase trucks or SUVs and want to have their front 2 windows tinted to match the rest of the vehicle. They tell us “the rest of the vehicle is tinted so I only need the front 2 windows done to match”.  This gives us the opportunity to explain to the customer the difference between dyed glass and actual window tint.

SUV window tintSUVs and trucks come from the factory with a dyed glass on the back of the vehicle in many cases. The front 2 windows are not dyed glass, they are clear. This is because the manufacturer does not know what state that vehicle will end up and there are several states that the law states those front 2 windows must be clear. The good news, Oklahoma is not one of those states. Oklahoma laws allow for tint on those front 2 windows as long as it is not too dark. That is great news for us and our customers.

The Difference between Dyed Glass and Window Tint

The next thing we like to educate our customers on is the difference between dyed glass and automotive window tint. Dyed glass is simply that, dyed glass. The only benefit to it is privacy and cosmetics. It looks good. However, there is no heat rejection, glare reduction or UV protection with dyed glass. Those things only come from automotive window tint. There is a solution to this. We frequently apply a lighter window tint over the dyed glass portion of the truck or SUV and then put a darker shade on the front 2 windows so the entire vehicle is protected from the heat and harmful UV rays and the entire vehicle is tinted with the same shade.

window tint truckThis is especially great information and an awesome solution for families who have children riding in the back of the SUV and they want their favorite people protected from the harmful sun. Automotive window tint protects your skin, your interior and leads to greener driving.

We love offering solutions to our customers when they want SUV window tint or pickup truck window tint. If you are going to tint your SUV or truck, do it correctly and protect the entire vehicle!