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Will we have a brutal winter in Oklahoma?

4105v-1Every year the “weather experts” try to predict what kind of winter we will have. Will it be colder than normal, wetter than normal, etc? Whatever the prediction and outcome will be, getting into a warm car on a cold Oklahoma day is always a good thing. Our phone rings constantly this time of year with people inquiring about a “car starter” aka, Viper Remote Start. We love to help and customers love the product!

When winter hits, having a Viper Remote Car Starter equipped on your vehicle is the best way to ensure your winter drive is comfortable for you and your passengers. As temperatures drop, warming up your car is the best way to defrost your car windows and melt ice and snow on your windshield. Let’s face it, it’s just is so nice to get into a warm car when it is freezing outside!

A remote start kit is exactly that: a way to start your car securely, from afar….afar can be on the 20th floor of your office building, inside the mall dressing room or on your couch in your living room. It is convenience and luxury at its finest.

We have Viper remote Starters ranging in price from $249-$399. The various models have different benefits so there are several things to think about when deciding what remote start you would like.

It is most important to choose the right range. How far are you from your vehicle when you are at home? What about when you are at work? If you opt to have a system installed that uses your vehicle factory key fob to initiate the remote start activation, you will be limited in range, usually only about 20-30 feet. If that isn’t enough, consider the Viper 4105V system, the most popular model we install. This system comes with its own remotes, as they will have much longer range – upwards of a mile!

If you are adamant about a clutter free key ring, consider the Viper SmartStart add on. For an additional $199, SmartStart allows you to activate the remote start from an iPhone or Android Smartphone. This SmartStart system offers unlimited range so you can start your car from basically anywhere.

Installing a new remote car starter can be tricky depending on your car so it is extremely important to have trained and experienced installers do the work. Our installers have been installing Viper remote starts on the cars of our Oklahoma customers for 30 years….they are good!!

You will LOVE your new car starter! Call us today and we will help you decide which model is best for your car. No more freezing your buns off on cold winter mornings and no more losing your car in a crowded parking lot or garage…What’s not to love!