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Happy New Year OKC! We hope everyone is having a great 2020 and staying warm. We have been blessed to have had a mild start to the new year so far. Although the start to January has not been too unbearable, the weather predictors are forecasting a cold end to January and some pretty cold days for February. We at Jackie Cooper Tint and Electronics pay close attention to these weather projections so we can give drivers a heads up to what they can expect on the road.

What does this mean for me and my car?

When cold days in Oklahoma hit, having a Viper Start Remote Starter equipped on your vehicle is the best way to ensure your winter drives are comfortable for you and your passengers. In addition, as temperatures drop and snow falls, warming up your car is the perfect way to defrost your windows and melt ice and snow on your windshield.

It is our mission at Jackie Cooper Tint & Electronics to provide remote start solutions to make driving a safer and more comfortable experience. We highly recommend planning ahead this winter and contacting us, 405-848-8656, so we can help you find the perfect remote starter for your ride.

Viper remote starters start at $249 and they add security and convenience to your life. They are not only great in the winter but can cool your car down for you on those hot summer Oklahoma days! With Viper SmartStart, you can use your Smartphone to lock/unlock your car and start it. This feature increases convenience and our customers love it! Give us a call today to schedule your remote start install.