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clear paint protection

If you are like me, you spend a lot of time in your car…in fact, many times I feel like it is my second home. That’s why it is so important to me and many of our customers to take proper care of your car. Even a tiny scratch can ruin your mood and kill the driving enjoyment.

Every car enthusiast is always looking for ways to keep their vehicle in mint condition for as long as possible. A smart way to do this is to invest in paint protection (PPF).

What is Paint Protection Film?

There are many ways to protect your car’s paintwork. There is ceramic coating, regular waxing; several options are on the market. We believe clear brain Llumar Paint Protection film as the best choice to protect your paint. Paint Protection (PPF) goes by many names such as “Clear Wrap”, “Scratch Protection Film”, “Clear Mask”, or “Clear Bra”.

The clear film is made of thermoplastic urethane. This material has a number of impressive properties including elasticity, oil, oil and grease resistance, transparency and abrasion resistance. These are exactly the things your car’s paintwork needs to keep it looking perfect for years.

One of the best benefits of thermoplastic urethane is that it has self-healing properties. If the surface of the film is scratched, the material extends and recovers its shape to render any minor scrapes invisible.

Paint Protection Film Maintenance

Make sure to continue to wash your car on a regular basis as before. Make sure to have a quick reaction to any stains on your vehicle and remove them as soon as possible to avoid damage to the film.

clear bra paint protectionPPF Packages

We have several packages to choose to help protect your car:

Standard – $350

  • Partial Hood, Partial Fenders and Mirrors

Preferred – $850

  • Partial Hood, Partial Fenders, Mirrors, Bumpers

Premium – $1850

  • Full Hood, Full Fenders, Mirrors, Door Cups, Edge Guards & Bumper

Call us today or stop by and let us personalize a paint protection package for you so your ride can be protected today!


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