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If your current vehicle doesn’t have a rear view mirror camera, I am certain you wish it did. People love rearview monitoring technology, in most cases; this means rear-mounted video cameras. There are numerous advantages to rear view or back up cameras. The most obvious being it helps prevent injury causing or fatal back over accidents by expanding your field of vision. The vision is expanded below the rear window or trunk level which is significant.

back up camAnother benefit of backup cameras is they help you park more quickly and safely. Rear-facing cameras give drivers a much clearer and accurate view of all obstacles behind the car and most backup systems also include a warning sound that lets you know when you may be getting too close to an object.

Most backup cameras will feature on screen guidelines that include two parallel lines that help direct you into or out of parking spaces.

Backup Cams work pretty simply. A small camera is mounted at the rear of the vehicle and when you put your car into reverse the system send an image to a monitor you can see to show you what is behind you. Although this seems simple, the technology in these systems is pretty complex as the picture that is transmitted back to you to view comes back in the correct orientation.

The cameras are generally installed in the vehicle’s rear trim pieces and the monitors can be mounted anywhere in the driver’s field of vision. Generally, they are found in the center area of the cockpit.

Remember, backup cams are not a guarantee of safety when you put your car in reverse. Rearview video systems are not a replacement for mirrors or turning around to look with you eyes. They are simply and added safety feature.

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We have several models we can recommend for you and systems to fit all budgets. Let us help you reverse like a champ! We are the experts in rear view camera installation!