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car paint protection film

Paint Protection Film is the talk of the town these days with more and more of our customers opting in. Why is this? The answer is simple, paint protection allows your car to retain its shiny texture and glow while also safeguarding the exterior from scratches, rock chips or minor damage. Really, your car is protected from anything the road may through its’ way. When someone or something scratches your vehicle, the paint itself doesn’t get damaged, the clear film absorbs the abuse while protecting the paint. In other words, your car will look the same as it did when you drove it home from the dealership. 

Many of our customers are realizing that making the small investment in the beginning can save you a lot of money down the road. Paint Protection Film is definitely a growing industry because customers can see how great the product works. Clear Paint Protection Film, or clear bra, protects the exterior of your vehicle and does not allow any scratches to touch the original paint. Therefore, you don’t get any swirl marks, no loss of shine and no damage to your car. It looks good as new for a very long time.

Paint Protection Film protects against:

  • Flying Rocks
  • Road Salt
  • Sand
  • Dirt
  • Bugs
  • Oil and much more

This film is nearly impossible to detect and is self-healing. The self-healing surface means swirl marks and minor scratches disappear with exposure to heat from your engine or the sun. It also has a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty which provides you a worry free investment.

Give us a call today to learn more and schedule your appointment for Clear Paint Protection Film.