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This time of year, many customers are looking for a unique but useful Christmas gift idea. We have just the item to offer…an Escort portable radar detector! The perfect gift for people who love to drive freely! Our roster of Escort installed or portable radar and laser detection systems give you the ability to buy at any price point and be able to choose features that best suit you on the go. Our radar detectors are discreet and keep you aware and alert no matter what is on the road ahead of you.

escort x80

Most of our customers love the portable radar detectors.  The entry level detector is the ESCORT X80. It utilizes high performance laser sensors to provide maximum warning, long-range protection as well as early alerts against all radar bands.

escort redline EX

Another popular model is the ESCORT Redline EX. This model is considered one of the most highly regarded radar detectors on the market. Customers rave about this model and they love the dazzling, multi-color display as well as the new technologies for reduced false alerts and connectivity with Escort’s app. The Redline EX has In-Vehicle Technology (IVT) filtering which recognizes collision avoidance and adaptive cruise control signals and separates them from the real threats. It also has GPS location information. The vibrant OLED display gives you quick and easy to follow important information about upcoming threats. You can even choose the background color to match your car’s interior, pretty cool!

escort max 360c

If you are looking for THE top of the line detector, the ESCORT Max 360c is your model! This baby has made quite the impression on the market.  The Max 360c works with your connected vehicle to provide real-time updates without the hassle of taking out your phone. On top of that, its arrow indicators are better than ever. This model has built in WI-FI compatibility that lets it connect with your car’s Wi-Fi signal. You can take advantage of all the real time info like updated speed trap alerts or false alert zones without accessing the ESCORT Live app.

There’s an app for that! The ESCORT Live app is a simple way to get your iPhone or Android Smartphone involved in keeping you informed. The app combines your GPS location with real time reports from other ESCORT Live users to keep you up to date and aware of potential threats in your area. You can also use the app to reports threats of sightings of enforcement.

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