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Window Tint Warranty

Lifetime Warranty on all ATR and Ceramic window Films

  • If any product specified above fails to conform to the warranty during the applicable warranty coverage period, the purchaser may obtain replacement and installation of the product free of charge at any authorized LLumar/CPFilms INC. installer anywhere in the United States or Canada, per the warranty coverage stated herein.
  • The obligations of CPFilms Inc. under this warranty are limited to the remedies set for the herein.
  • The above warranty does not cover fading or any defects or damages other than those specified above.
  • Dealers are not authorized to modify or extend any warranty coverage stated herein in any manner.
  • Warranty coverage herein in made solely to the original purchaser and may not be transferred.
  • Proof of purchase and completed warranty registration card will be required by the authorized installer to substantiate any warranty coverage.
  • Any purchaser desiring warranty service should contact the nearest authorized LLumar/CPFilms INc. dealer or write to CPFilms Inc. P.O. Box 5065 Martinsville, VA 24115 Attn: Warranty Services, North America Window Films.
  • In addition to the warranty coverage stated above, products covered under the Limited Warranty Coverage are also warranted against color change.
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty Coverage lasts for as long as the original purchaser retains ownership of the vehicle on which the product was originally installed.
Cooper Llumar Tint Warranty